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Journeys and Breakthroughs
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 28 reviews
by Michelle Porras on Journeys and Breakthroughs

You can count on Maria to be a good listener who will listen with her heart. During the times i had private conversations and meetings with her, her being my service leader in a common ministry, never did i feel being judged or belittled. Maria radiates God's love to all those she guides. She may correct you or point out where you need to grow but always in a loving way. She is also fun to relate with as she is cool, funny, humble. and never self-righteous. She is a blessing to me and to many others.

by Charlene S. on Journeys and Breakthroughs

Speak in such a way that others love to listen to you. Listen in such a way that others love to speak to you--that's Maria! She listens when you speak and they listen when she speaks.

by Jabar Esmael on Journeys and Breakthroughs

Maria has been so generous with her resources most especially with her time. During my time of despair and dark moments, I took the initiative to reach out to her and she unreluctantly went to my aid to listen to me and just be there. There she comforted me with her presence and genuine intention to help. I have nothing to give her at that time because I was still a struggling young professional who doesn't have a stable job at that moment. Thus, she never asked for anything in return. Generosity and her genuine desire to help are two of the most obvious values that stood out during that time. This was more than 10 years ago. And now fast forward we still continue to connect with each other the way that we have connected 10 years ago. Maria has the gift of connecting to another individual without judgement because true to what they say, love happens when it is safe to be flawed in the presence of another. She made me feel safe then, even up to this time. I love you, Maria. Keep on shining! I am so happy and proud of you.

by Flor Espartero on Journeys and Breakthroughs

Maria has this calm way of explaining things.. She knew the right words that would sink in without being hard on me nor offensive. She would make me see the other side of the coin. Long before she discovered her call to become a life coach, she's always had that natural way of connecting with people and speaking into their hearts. That's just her nature. That's how she's built.

by Lynneliz Johnson on Journeys and Breakthroughs

I’ve known the caring , good listener, kind hearted , soft spoken Maria for almost 2 decades now. She was my mentor and co-discerner when I did my state of life discernment. She is a phenomenal and awesome co-discerner and mentor. Her godly character exudes naturally. I highly recommend Maria to those who are looking for some counseling or those who really need one. Her awe-inspiring words of wisdom helped me discover my purpose in life. It will certainly help you as well.:-)

by Yrreg Pedernal on Journeys and Breakthroughs

Maria has always been a listening soul who hears beyond spoken words. She uses her life experiences to reach out and touch other people's doubts and hurts so that they may find in her a companion through life's toughest challenges. Her kindness and compassion are easily seen in her words and actions such that one is guaranteed to effortlessly know her as a sister and friend. One cannot miss the enormity of her heart because with her, anyone and everyone is welcomed with loving arms.

by Vanessa Ocampo on Journeys and Breakthroughs

Maria has always been a listening ear. She is more than capable of coaching people. Her authenticity and selflessness is what I admired most in her. We had countless sessions and looking back, all I could remember was her love,wisdom and graciousness. I highly recommend for people in need of counseling and coaching to contact Maria immediately. Maria is one of my life's best blessings!

by Dina Pecana on Journeys and Breakthroughs

Maria has been a long time and steadfast friend. Countless of times she has not only listened but shared in my struggles. She continues to support me to this day. During good and bad days, she's there for me.

by Regina Salvador on Journeys and Breakthroughs

Maria was not only a coach but a mentor as well.  She was there for me in the darkest times of my life and she helped me through it all. She listened without judging, guided me without any demand, she supported me in all my reflections and realizations and made me accountable to change me for the better. If there was someone other than my family I would trust with my life it would be Maria. Life is hard but having someone like Maria as a coach, mentor and friend would be the best decision you would ever make.
Maria is a blessing.

by Maria Angela Austria on Journeys and Breakthroughs

I have known Maria Since 1998 and she has helped me breakthrough different challenging phases throughout my life. Even before life coach was a term, she has already been one for me. She listens with her heart and has a genuine care for your well-being and success. She will be with you every step of the way and will will guide you in creating a blueprint for your life.I am amazed by her and her great capacity to love. Her hugs are the greatest too... Hugs that will really make you feel that you are loved.

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