The Power of Touch

Is that you, Mylene? Omg!!! I miss you, I miss your hug so much..hmmm…uh…did you gain weight?😲😲😲 (arrrgghh!!!)

I remember one time talking with a friend, and she told me that every time she felt low, she would remember me and ache for my hug. She says., “I think of you when I’m down, I’m like a sick person who suddenly gets a shot of medicine and begins to feel well when you hug me….your hug seems to say, you will be well my friend.”

I have heard these words on different occasions and from different friends. There are scores of people broken, in pain and troubled. Yet, apart from the immediate resolution to their problems, what they want more during these times of crises is comfort and shoulder to cry on. You may not have the solution to what ails a person, but just being by his/her side, listening and caring-you already made a path to his/her recovery.

Honestly, whenever I hug people, it is I who gets healed and comforted. It doesn’t matter who is troubled and who is the comforter. Both of you share in the healing power of that simple act of touch. There are times when I’m lost for words and all I could offer is a tight hug…just tight hug.

I read this somewhere, ” Hugging is the most beautiful form of communication that allows the other person to know beyond a doubt that they matter.”

So, when I hug you, it means…YOU MATTER!

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